Meet Mike

Mike Gardner

Mike’s love of beekeeping began in 1968 when the school bus had a swarm land on it at a bus stop. In his earlier days, he raised between 40 and 50 hives for honey. He eventually decided that he wanted to do more so in 1988, with approximately 4,000 colonies, he began pollinating. Shortly after he started he lost all but one hive to tracheal mites.  He then started buying package bees from Spell Bee Company.  When the company came up for sale, Mike saw it as an excellent chance to expand even more into the business that he loves.  He has since bought six more smaller companies and a company that originally produced 2,000-3,000 packages per year has grown into a company that now produces over 50,000 packages and 150,000 queens per year.

The Basic Principles of Package Bee and Queen Production

Mike speaking at New Jersey Beekeepers Association